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Symbols in English


Dash used to indicate a pause in the middle of a text. There are two types of dashes. N and M dash.

N Dash

The best way to remember N dash is that it is as same as the width of letter N. If you use a keyboard you should type key dash and enter.

I will explain the few instances you should use N dash. So you can understand when N dash should use on your tasks.

Range of numbers.

I can eat 10-15 hamburgers for dinner.

Range of time

The schedule window for the management meeting is 1:00-1:30pm.

If there is a connection between two words.

He is a well-educated businessman who will be conducting the seminar.

M Dash

Using M dash is quite a complex task. I advised you not to use it for your exams. 

It is basically used in informal writing. If you are a transcriptionist or a writer you can use em dashes sparingly.

M dash use when the author seemed to indicate a strong connection. Instead of using semicolon it is appropriate to use the em dash.

All in his life, He has two friends__ Nimal and Kamal.

This also uses for presenting abusive content.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Reading Novels to Learn English: God Father

GodFather Novel by Mario Puzo

This is learning English fun edition. Another method that I described is that reading. 

You have a great opportunity to increase your knowledge of doing that. 

This story is quite an addictive piece about an underworld king. This is so good that they have created movies using this book. 
The English used in this book seemed to be somewhat easy to understand.

When I put so much blame on traditional methods of teaching, these are my answers for you. Instead of wasting your time in a classroom with an English tutor, this is really satisfactory.

What is it about?

This book is about an underworld mafia king named Vito Corleone and his family members. Vito Corleone was a very poor illegal immigrant to the USA. 

However, after spending his life against the unjustice he managed to create his own Kindom. He used to help people and with his intelligent mind, he managed to rein for decades. This was in the 1940s.

If you are a book person, It is as addictive as it gets. This one of the highest-selling books.

How to read a book if I can't read English

I know it is not going to be easy if you're a beginner, never read a book or anything in English. 

But you have to remember no one born to this world with knowing English even natives. 

So if you are a complete beginner, take your time take sentence by sentence, help with google and a dictionary you will slowly but surely improve.

How still I can't read it

If you can't read even then you should start to watch TV shows that I cover in my previous blog.

Remember there is always a proper way.

Why I do not recommend God Father movies.

As I mentioned before, they have created 3 sequel movies from this. These movies are a huge success even though they couldn't live up to the story in the book. 

They have skipped lots of parts. Therefore I do not recommend God Father movies. 

How to get this book

I saw there are free pdf copies available for download (you can search google) If you can not buy this.

Enjoy the article Don't forget to share.

Comma Mis-Use

The comma is a small pause that you can take. I will seperate causes, words, and thoughts. The comma can be a complex subject when it comes to writing. We will Discuss some main comma rules in English.

I have below listed out the general mistakes. 

My friend Virat, is a wonderful batsman.                   Seperate Single Sentance

Virat, and Rohit will be playing at wellington.           Seperate two proper nouns

Sanju will play guitar, and sing.                                  Seperate two verbs

We were hungry, We went to buy some food              Seperate two independent clauses         

Jack is taller, than Mike.                                              Seperate Comparisons

If you do one or more types of mistakes as presented above it can be hard to communicate your ideas properly. So, when you are doing reading it is important to look for the instances that comma has used and asked questions why he used that comma.

Below are the instances where you should use a comma

Jack is a brilliant student, and he likes to play cricket.

Before going to work, He always prays to God.

You did not play basketball, did you?

To be continued.......

Monday, February 10, 2020

Tv Shows for Improve your English: Breaking Bad


I would prefer this TV show because the accent is easy to pick up. You will not be bored while learning. This is the fun part I cover in my previous post. 

I will bring out more reviews in the future about other TV shows.

What is it about?

This is about a high school chemistry teacher who turned in to an illegal drug dealer (cook) and finally builds a criminal empire after, he started to find out he got cancer.

 And he had to live for a borrowed time. So, then with one of his former students and a drug dealer he started to cook Meth. It had everything. 

This is considered as one of the best tv shows of all time. It has countless Emmy Awards and nominations.

How many seasons are there?

It spanned over 5 seasons. In 2019 They released a movie.

How It can help you to learn English.

 You can learn a lot of new vocabulary listening by. native speakers. These types of TV shows construct with thorough research on lots of fields such as teaching, law, cancer, Criminals, Drug Addicts and so more. 

So ultimately after watching 5 series of Breaking Bad, you gain a whole lot of new vocabulary.

I recommended watching with subtitles. In that way, you won't miss any words. If you can't understand a word, pause it and play part two or three times then you will have a better chance to understand.

You can always contact me for any difficult terms. Remember difficult terms and new words are the things that improve your English knowledge. 

The more you can't understand it the more you learn. Think like that.

How can watching a TV show will be better than going to an English class?

In classes, you are basically trying to learn something, It has proven scientifically as well when learning a language you have to do it effortlessly. 

With Fun and bit of addiction, you will learn more without noticing. I would recommend you to use subtitles. Then you won't miss anything.

Where can I download it?

You can download it on any -------- platform for free. (You know the word right)

How I got 7.5 Band in IELTS

I want to share my journey on how I got a 7.5 band for speaking in English. There are a lot of myths and false news out there about speaking English.

It is not a big thing. Yes, anyone can score 7+ in IELTS even if you are not a native speaker. I never speak in English with my childhood.

I brought up in a very rural background and also not from an English speaking family background. 

So, it is up to you to listen and learn. I would say, this will take time. You can hit 7+ without speaking with others. I did that and I wasn't a social person. 

You have to refer to my previous articles on how I managed that.

Things to do

If you are a cricket lover read Cricinfo articles/CNN or any other news channel

You have to understand the content. If you found a difficult word, you can google it, Never use another language dictionary. At first, If you are a beginner it can get difficult for you since you don't know most of the words. But never give up!!

Find IELTS pass papers and practice on your own for reading

There are literally hundreds of sites you can download IELTS pass and practice tests. You have to do at least 30. Keep an eye on the clock. Time is the main enemy here.

Doing a practice test on youtube is the best way of listening. Literally, there are hundreds of tests out there.


To achieve higher bandwidth, you need to be good at Grammar. You have to write letters and essays and the most important thing is to rectify your mistakes. Make sure to check for punctuation.

Use software like Grammarly to improve your punctuation.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Common Mistakes of Learning English

I listed out below common mistakes that can make while speaking, writing. 

These bad habits ultimately hold back a lot of people from speak and learn for me is a simple language. People try hard and lost their ambition. 

They're hiding away from it. This happens to me not once in my life. Since I know the feeling. Therefore it is really important that you grab these points and work smart. Don't waste your money on tutors. 

They earn money but they never deliver proper results.


Go to English Tutors

This is not going to help you in improving your knowledge. That is why a lot of Non-Native students struggle. Your tutor can't help you. 

The tutor goes rambling along with is lecture but the student unable to grasp anything.

No fun

You have to make it fun and interesting. Otherwise, you might fall into sleep and wast your money and energy. Try to watch some movies.

Don't try to do complex grammar exercises or don't learn by heart.

In order to make it interesting learn some swear words in English and you definitely find the suitable sentenced formed that can use those swear words.

Not learning to think in English

This is a struggle that most non-native speakers face. They tend to convert their thoughts to English while speaking. 

This causes them to lose confidence and fluency. Ultimately be negative and does not take proper action.

Using English Dictionary with another language

This method will definitely hurt you and ultimately lead you to frustration. 

People tend to use those to learn English but little they know how much negative impact these dictionaries have on your ability to improve your knowledge.

Watching Lot of Local media

I cover this topic on my previous post:

Lack of confidence while speaking

If you want to be fluent of course, you have to speak. But most non-native speakers insecure about their English knowledge. 

Therefore stay away from places where they can speak. Be confident about your self. even native speakers also made blunders in grammar while speaking. Therefore allow your self to fail.

Possessives ('s or s') in English

If you are a beginner this topic will not be suitable for you. However, if you are preparing for an IELTS or any other English exam this might be helpful for you.

Writer + pen

Singular: Writer's pen (One writer )

Plural: Writers' pen ( Multiple writers)

Nouns that not end with 'S'

Men's basketball

Not Mens's basketballl 🚫🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅

Joint Possession

Jack  and Jim +  Glossary shop

Jack and Jim's glossary shop →    Both owns the same shop

Jack's and Jim's glossary shop→   Both own different shops

Name ending with 's'

Ulysses is the name


Not Ulysses's 🚫🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅

Common Errors

its, Whos,  🚫🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅

There are no English words like this. Even English experts get this wrong.

Make sure to subscribe and comment on any question on the topic you have

This is a very confusing topic for even for native speakers. here, I am not going to bore you with everything. 

I will provide a few shortcuts to be an expert on possesions. It is really important not to learn these things by heart. My best method for you is to read an article on 

CNN or other news channels and hit control+F and type 's and s'. Then you can understand while looking at this post and the news post.


Symbols in English

Dashes  Dash used to indicate a pause in the middle of a text. There are two types of dashes. N and M dash. N Dash ...